Vlad the Retailer

I’ve been collaborating with the passionate Aja of Vlad the retailer on Sunset Blvd. She is such a pleasure to work with and such a fan! Here is a happy (and sexy) customer purchasing our silk mini with floral embroidery. Thanks for sharing Aja! Much love xoxo


Make some NOISE

I recently did a collaborative photo shoot with the talented Pete Ambrose. The concept was noise so we screamed loudly with the voice of color and pattern. Enjoy!

Model: Alicia Vigil
Body Paint and Makeup: Lillian Vince
Hair: Marissa Cydya
Furniture: Tami Green
Head Piece: Elephant Heart

8000 Nerves Alicia_0017 Final Correct 2WEB

8000 Nerves Alicia_0144 Final Correct WEB

8000 Nerves Alicia_0216 Final Correct WEB

8000 Nerves Alicia_0220 Final Correct WEB

8000 Nerves Alicia_0321 Final Correct WEB

8000 Nerves Alicia_0348 Final Correct WEB

8000 Nerves Alicia_0373 Final Correct WEB

8000 Nerves Alicia_0402 Final Correct WEB

8000 Nerves Alicia_0665 Final Correct WEB

8000 Nerves Alicia_0230 Final Correct WEB

Custom dress for Lissie’s Norwegian tour

I had the honor of custom making a dress for Lissie. It was such a pleasure creating this beautiful 1920’s inspired silk gown. The dress is full length and gracefully puddles at the floor. There are also really lovely triangular godets at the lower half of the dress, which really give a sense of elegance and that glamorous 20’s feel. If I get a hold of a full frame image I will most definitely post it. In the meantime, here is a glimpse of Lissie in the dress.

Also, check out her music. She is quite the talent! www.lissie.com